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A truly vibrant and inclusive Open Source Community dedicated to Open Source Enthusiasts worldwide, fostering collaboration and innovation.

FOSS Community of NSBM - Mozilla Campus Club
FOSS Community of NSBM - Google Croudsource
FOSS Community of NSBM - DevOps
FOSS Community of NSBM - Women in FOSS NSBM
FOSS Community of NSBM - DevLab
FOSS Community of NSBM -  Open Worldwide Application Security Project
FOSS Community of NSBM - Devoke

The support we provide to the tech world is immeasurable.

Since 2013, on a yearly basis, we've been actively sharing knowledge with younger students and the community by organizing hackathons, workshops, sessions, community buildups, and webinars.

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We have organized over 50 major tech events & tech conferences in the past 10 years.

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We have a great family of alumni who are now working in top tech companies all over the world.

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We have successfully completed over 100 projects in the past 10 years.

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Past 10 year we have been able to build a strong network in the tech world.

Latest Events

We have organized a list of world recognized events that you can attend to learn and network with other professionals in the industry.

FOSS Community of NSBM - SFD 2023
Software Freedom Day Sri Lanka 2023

The Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an annual worldwide celebration of Free Software.

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Node Meets Cloud | Cloud Session 2023

Node Meets Cloud is a Azure Cloud Platform event that hosted by Microstoft Students Ambassadors.

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Technosphere | Tech Conference 2022

Technosphere is a tech conference that brings together the best and brightest minds in the tech industry.

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FOSS Community of NSBM - Dialectic by FOSS NSBM | A Podcat

The Dialectic | A Podcast by FOSS NSBM

Dialectic is a podcast by FOSS Community of NSBM. It is a platform where we discuss about the latest trends in technology, open source and the community.

We invite industry experts, developers, and community leaders to share their knowledge and experience with the community. We also discuss about the latest news and updates in the tech industry.

Casual Chat

Nothing fancy! Just like a casual chat.

Latest Trends & Information

We discuss about the latest trends and information in the tech industry.

Coming soon

We are just not a club, we are a family

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Wasath Theekshana


Volunteering with the FOSS Community of NSBM has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I've gained a deep understanding of free and open-source software while helping others discover its potential. From workshops to hackathons, every event has been a chance to learn and grow alongside a passionate community. I highly recommend getting involved!

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Dilantha Wijesinghe


NSBM's FOSS Community rocks! Volunteering boosted my FOSS knowledge and connected me with a supportive tech crew.

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Sanuda Jayasinghe


NSBM's FOSS Community? Amazing! Volunteering skyrocketed my FOSS knowledge while helping others discover its potential. Workshops, events, all fueled my passion for open source. Can't recommend it enough!

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Nethmi Kodikara


As an NSBM grad, I have to say the FOSS Community was a highlight. Volunteering there transformed me from a curious student to a confident open-source advocate. Their workshops equipped me with valuable FOSS skills, and events fostered a collaborative spirit. It's the perfect place to learn, contribute, and connect with fellow tech enthusiasts. Miss those FOSS days!

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Lithara Perera


As a volunteer, I learned tons about open-source software and met incredible tech folks. Workshops were awesome, and helping others with FOSS ignited a real passion. Definitely join if you get the chance!

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Yasith Silva


From NSBM newbie to FOSS fanatic, thanks to the FOSS Community! Volunteering was a blast workshops boosted my tech skills, and events connected me with a supportive crew. Sharing FOSS knowledge with others felt amazing. Miss it already!

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